Enroll The RIGHT Patients Efficiently and Boost Profits

Develop an engaged community of patients through your very own diabetes portal. Rapidly query patients with up-to-date clinical data. Interact with patients effortlessly.

How It Works

Develop an Engaged Community

Transform your database into an online connected community with your own diabetes portal. Get patient data from clinics, pharmacies and other sources real-time.

Find the RIGHT Patients

Rapidly find patients with up-to-date data with an ultrafast easy-to-use query, designed by researchers for researchers.

Interact Effortlessly

Save staff time and money by texting, emailing or calling from desktop. Engage patients and build relationships with personalized communications.

World's Largest Health Data Network

Harness data real-time from world's largest health data network with an amazing array of sources to optimize patient recruitment and enrollment:

Worlds Largest Health Data Network
Engaging Diabetes Portal

Engaging Diabetes Portal

Build enduring, direct, lifelong relationships with patients by offering an all-in-one, personalized and engaging diabetes portal that allows patients to:

This unique portal will help you develop a community of thousands of local connected patients — for today’s and tomorrow’s trials.
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Communication Suite

Cultivate strong relationships with your patients. Save precious staff time and effort. Reduce your recruitment expenses and save money!

Communication Suite

Our Team

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Founder & CEO

Since 1994, Dr. Bhargava has strived to improve diabetes care, treatment, and research. He received his Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at University of Wisconsin, obtained a physician executive MBA from the University of Tennessee, and became a Certified Diabetes Educator shortly thereafter. Dr. Bhargava is the founder and President of the Iowa Diabetes Research (IDR), the largest diabetes research center in Central Iowa. He is also a practicing endocrinologist at the Iowa Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in Des Moines, IA. Dr. Bhargava believes that technology can simplify diabetes for patients as well as help research centers and pharmaceutical companies recruit more new, qualified trial candidates.

Anuj Bhargava

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Founder & CEO

Jayesh Bajaj

Chief Technical Officer

Dhanesh Narvekar

Technology Manager

Cody Rohlf

Marketing Manager